Thursday, 4 September 2014

NATO's Real Enemy: Deflation!

NATO is the intergovernmental military alliance of the US, Europe, Canada and Turkey. The US and Europe are the areas where money based production or capitalism born and raised first. In capitalism production is organized with money and leads to industrialization. Europe and the US - which we can call 'the West' together - are the oldest capitalist industrialized societies on the world. So, NATO is the military alliance of the oldest capitalist-industrialized nations of our planet. Younger industry nations like Turkey or eastern European countries are on supportive roles.

Today, NATO sees Russia and ‘terrorism’ as its initial enemies. ‘Terrorism’ generally refers to extremist, aggressive groups who take ‘Islam’ as basis of their ideologies.  

"Rodriguez at Italian command change in Herat" by MSgt. Matthew Millson - US Air Force, through ISAFmedia. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

However, NATO’S real enemy is not at outside! We can define the real threat as follows: The oldest money-based economies of members of the organization have already reached their natural limits and they are actually dying.

In Europe and the US:

- Populations are aging, taking medical and social spending up

-Centralization and bureaucratization are lowering efficiency and productivity

-Nuclear family breaking up is spreading alienation and depression

-Excessive and inefficient use of resources cause debts to rise to unbelievable levels

-The society fails to offset maintenance costs of infrastructure and other critical elements of the system

As a result of all of these facts top rulers of the West, big international capital owners, try to preserve their leading positions. They corrupt money itself with the Federal Reserve System which is based on paper currencies that could be printed without any limits.

Actually the facts showing us that money-based economy is dying at the West are also bringing a severe deflation to the oldest capitalist-industrialized nations. Demand for real goods, real prices and money supply contract. That’s why the FED or other central banks of the NATO members are printing so much money. They want to prevent the collapse of the corrupt paper money supply.

"Marriner S. Eccles Federal Reserve Board Building" by AgnosticPreachersKid - Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Military or intelligence actions of the core NATO members are not separate from economic or financial actions. Trying to pull of Ukraine from Russian influence or fighting against Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan are parallel desperate movements to ensure some relief to especially dying European money economy. Ukraine has a lot of resources and a large market to exploit which cannot be handed over to Russia, another old but also rival industrialized society. All Muslim countries in North Africa and Middle East have young dynamic populations, abundance of resources, strong demand and most importantly newly and quickly developing money economies and even industries.

Labelling Muslim countries as ‘terrorists’, ‘bringing democracy’ to them, doing nothing against armed uprisings in developing Arab countries or even provoking them, would stop or at least slow down development of money and industry economies of Muslim states which is real threat especially for Europe. Thus core NATO members aim to ensure breath taking time for old capitalist-industrialized nations.

However, the result will not change. The core NATO will not be hit by Russian or Islamist rockets but by a very big new global financial crisis, before the end of this decade.

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